How much does a quote cost?
Nothing, it’s totally free and we aim to get all quotes back to the customer within 24-72 hours.
Can we quote over the phone?
Yes we can give an estimated cost over the phone on customers measurements, although not right that minute! But we would always prefer to come out and access/ measure ourselves. A site visit would always be required on an estimated job anyway to ensure sufficient materials are ordered.
How much does a square meter of tarmac cost?
Each job is unique, so each quote and costing is unique! We don’t offer a fixed square meterage price as there are always differences in access, logistics, products and requirements.
Can we install drop curbs?
Yes! We have all the required certification and insurances to enable us to carry out drop curbs.
When can you do my drive?
This varies, but we usually work on a 4-6 week lead up time. If we can do it tomorrow, we will (but wouldn’t you be worried if weren’t busy?).
How long does a job take?
Each job is completely different but we are able to estimate the time of a job when quoting, so please ask.
Do we need to pay upfront?
No. We are rare! We send an invoice on completion, where we would then expect payment within 14 days.
How much guarantee is offered?
We offer a one year guarantee on all jobs. This is because if anything is wrong with the work carried out, or the material used, it would generally be visible within weeks of completing the job.
Do I really need drainage?
Probably. With new regulations we are required to ensure no surface water drains on to the highways, but this doesn’t apply to existing drives. Our QS will guide you through your options.
What happens to the waste material?
We use a registered tip for all our waste material, which would be included in the cost (there are no hidden extras). However, should you wish to keep some of the spoils this can be arranged and priced accordingly.
Tarmac or Block Paving?
This is very much a personal choice. However, there are some advantages to tarmac that you may wish to consider, it tends to be more cost effective and also less maintenance. Our QS will be more than happy to run through these and help you decide on the best options for you.
Do we do patterned concrete?
No unfortunately this is not a service we supply, although we do undertake standard concrete surfaces.
Will I get weeds coming through?
We use and apply weed killer before surfacing, just prior to binder course for tarmac or sand for block paving. However, should you see the presence of a rogue weed once our work has been completed please contact us immediately (the sooner the better) and we will deal with the issue.
How do I keep my drive looking nice?
When we send your invoice you will also receive aftercare information (do’s & don’ts) advising you on the best way to prolong the life of your drive, but always feel free to call or email with any queries.
When can we drive on it?

We prefer to say no for vehicle traffic 24 hours, or until the surface is stone cold to touch. This can vary according to the weather conditions so we normally advise if different.

When can I walk on it?
As soon as the surface has been rolled and compacted it is suitable for foot traffic, however it will be slightly tacky and warm so we advise wiping your feet before entering the property.
Can we lay in the wet & cold?

As long as the temperature is -3 degrees centigrade and rising, then yes, providing the quarries are operational in these conditions. However, standing snow causes us problems and normally under these conditions we would postpone any surfacing or excavation works.

Please feel free to email us any other queries